Good Records Protect Your Interest

Protect Your Interest

Accurate and well-substantiated production records keeping which meets the standards required by your crop insurance policy, helps protection your interests. With accurate records you pay only the premium needed and no more. The accuracy of your records helps insure that your rights under your crop insurance policy are protected.

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What are farm management records?

  • A farm management record indicates total acres and production by crop year.
  • The record must conform to the unit structure for your policy i.e. basic unit, optional unit, enterprise unit.
  • If you switch your unit structure from optional to enterprise units, you should maintain your old unit record keeping so that you will have the option to switch back

Different Crops have Different Requirements

What record types may be used to separate & document production from different units?

  • Field harvest records determined from truck or grain wagon-loads that is documented by weight tickets or by conveyance measurements
  • Precision farming and yield monitoring systems can be used if the producer has the ability to document farm identification, crop, acres, yield, date of harvest, grower and crop year. Precision Ag records must also be accompanied by a calibration report that demonstrates the equipment used is viable by crop insurance standards.

What if I commingle production between different units in the same storage bin?

  • Notify us prior to harvest that you plan to store grain in a storage bin
  • A loss adjuster must give you authorization to commingle farm stored production from separate farms in a single storage unit
  • Request authorization to use on-farm scales, grain monitor print outs or a grain bin load worksheet to commingle production for storage
  • Authorization will depend on the type of unit structure you elected for that crop i.e. enterprise units, optional units, or basic units.

What are verifiable production reports?

  • Reports substantiated by records from a marketing outlet or processor
  • Measurements of farm stored production by an authorized person.

FSA What if I feed some of my production?

  • Feeding records must be kept for each feeding (daily, weekly, biweekly)
  • Account for the production fed

What if I have grain from prior year still in my on-farm storage bin?

  • Can I add the current year’s production?
  • You can add current production as long as the previous year’s production is measured first
  • A loss adjuster must give the authorization to add the production
  • An authorized person i.e. loss adjuster or FSA must measure the bin