Benefits of Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance is a program that can help a farmer survive a disaster and return to profitability

Crop insurance helps farmers reduce their financial risk and protect their investments – it is an essential business tool in farming. Working in an industry where one catastrophic year could wipe out years of profit, farmers cannot operate without financial security or the knowledge they can plant the next season. Crop insurance gives farmers certainty there is a future for their operations, and it equips farmers with the necessary collateral to borrow money giving lenders the confidence farmers can repay their loans. Farmers use crop insurance as a security when they forward market their crops to take advantage of market opportunities. The vast majority of today’s farmers rely on Federal Crop Insurance because they recognize the value it provides.


Clay Farms has been doing business with King Crop Insurance for over 25 years! Through the years we have only experienced the very best service! The Kings have always kept us informed of new information and options relevant to our farming operation. As owners and operators, we trust King Crop Insurance and appreciate their professionalism and responsiveness!

George A. Clay & Sons, Inc
Morgan, Dennis, Mike, and Chris Clay
Middletown, Delaware

I farm in three counties and keeping all the crop insurance paperwork straight is a job within itself, but I can depend on King Crop Insurance to make sure I get all reports submitted timely and accurately.  As I tell every other agent that contacts me for their business….I started the dance with The King girls and I will end the dance with The King girls, they have been good to me and my family I cannot think of working with any other agency in the area.

Chris Wilson
Easton Maryland

Our family started doing business with King Crop Insurance over 30 years ago.  My grandfather worked with Mrs. King, my father worked with Jackie and now I am working with Donna, so we have the history…..a local farming family working with another local family.  So many things have changed during this time, we used to receive reports on carbon paper and now we sign those same reports on our cell phones.  However, the one thing that has not changed is the service we receive from King Crop.  They are honest, hardworking, straightforward, always fair and you can depend on them to be there when they are needed.  Our family’s relationship quickly grew from a business relationship to friendship with the King family and I would not want it any other way.  When I receive calls checking on possible damage to a crop from my agent before I know there is possible damage provides proof they are always looking out for their customers.  The only crop insurance agency I will ever work with.

J.O. Dickerson & Son
Rick Dickerson
Laurel, Delaware

Serving Delaware and Maryland Farmers

As a farmer, you know better than anyone that experience counts. King Crop Insurance has been servicing farmers on Delmarva for over 55 years. We understand the major risks you face and we can help minimize your financial risk by providing comprehensive crop insurance services. Our focus is and always has been exclusively the farming community.

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