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Reporting of a Claim

Insured’s Responsibilities: Notice of damage or probable loss

  • Promptly notify your agent of any damage or probable loss on a unit basis.
  • The insured must give notice within 72 hours of discovery if a loss is anticipated on any unit.
  • You may not destroy, replant, abandon or put an insured crop to another use if you intend to file a claim, unless we have appraised the crop and given our written consent to put the acreage to another use.

What to Do When You Have a Crop Loss:

The first thing you want when you have a crop loss is the fastest possible indemnity check, and the last thing you need is unnecessary delays or paperwork. These suggestions can help:

  • Be sure you have filed a complete and accurate acreage report on a timely basis. And be certain your agent has all relevant information about your current farming operation.
  • Never destroy any production or acreage until your agent has been notified and a loss adjuster has inspected the acreage.
  • When harvesting, be sure to keep separate production records for each insurance unit. Do not commingle farm stored production from separate units in a single storage bin unless authorized by an adjuster.
  • If you are unable to get into a field for harvesting prior to the end of the insurance period because of an insurable cause of loss, contact your agent immediately.

Non-Discrimination Statement: King Crop Insurance, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Non-Disclosure Statement:

King Crop Insurance, Inc. hereby agrees that it shall keep private and not publish, use, or disclose to any individual or entity, either directly or indirectly, any Privacy Information, except that it may use such information as necessary to perform its duties under the Standard Reinsurance Agreement, and in accordance with applicable procedures issued by the Risk Management Agency or the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. King Crop Insurance, Inc. further agrees that it shall only disclose such Privacy Information to employees or contractors who need such information in the performance of their duties and who have signed an Employee and Contractor Non-Disclosure Statement, and that it shall secure both electronic and paper-based Confidential Information.

Serving Delaware and Maryland Farmers

As a farmer, you know better than anyone that experience counts. King Crop Insurance has been servicing farmers on Delmarva for over 55 years. We understand the major risks you face and we can help minimize your financial risk by providing comprehensive crop insurance services. Our focus is and always has been exclusively the farming community.

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